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You want to optimize the performance of your Amazon seller account sustainably and sell your products successfully in the long term? Then you have found the right partner in us!

Amazon Seller and Vendor Support

Regardless of the form or size of your company, we work with you to analyze your current portfolio, create an approach strategy based on the results, and guide you step by step through the implementation process.

Of course, we will inform you regularly about the progress and development of your presence on Amazon. For this purpose, we create comprehensible reports and explain the most important correlations of the collected data to you.

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Amazon Seller/Vendor Services

Analysis and strategy

First, we conduct a market analysis and look at various aspects such as the visibility and performance of the brand as well as the competitive situation.
Based on this, we develop a differentiation strategy and adapted marketing measures.

Content & SEO Optimization

Amazon is also a search engine, behind which there is a specific algorithm. Therefore, it is important to use relevant keywords in a professional product detail page here as well and to adapt the description to the target group in order to improve findability. It is important that the presentation fits the brand image and that regular adjustments are made in order to continue to rank in top positions.

Amazon Advertising (PPC)

The direct placement of Amazon Ads is independent of the organic ranking. With Amazon Ads you can drive additional traffic to your product page, which in turn increases seller performance and ratings, which in turn brings benefits in organic search.
Our Amazon Marketing Agency from Aachen develops a comprehensive Amazon advertising strategy for you with the goal of maximizing your sales and visibility.


Of course, we do not leave you alone with the evaluation of complicated data collections. We take over the evaluation of the collected data, create comprehensible reports and explain the correlations of important figures.


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The brand "Biotulin" on Amazon

Our Amazon Marketing Agency has built the Amazon Shop for the German company Biotulin and managed it for over 2 years. We have built the stores everywhere in Europe (except Germany) and in the USA.

Wir haben folgende Werbema├čnahmen ├╝bernommen:

  • A+ content creation
  • Creation of brand store
  • Creation, management and optimization of Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Switched many products to "Fullfiled by Amazon" (FBA).

Das Ergebnis:

Amazon Listing Optimization

From start to finish, we do everything we can to boost your organic rankings and sales. Many Amazon product listings are not properly optimized and leave a lot of potential sales on the table. We make sure you get the maximum ROI from the start. Our marketing agency:

  • Optimizes your images and content.
  • Ensures that your product is displayed in the correct category.
  • Within this category, we perform keyword research to determine which words or phrases you should focus on that will be the most profitable and provide the most organic rankings.
  • It provides you with relevant descriptions to increase conversion rates.
  • Work within Amazon's 200-character limit to maximize your titles with the right keywords and language that turns clicks into purchases.
  • Ensures your photos are high-quality, professional images displayed at the right size and framed appropriately to increase sales through your marketing efforts.
Amazon Marketing Agency from Aachen
Amazon Agency

Pricing Strategy & Testing

One of the most important steps for a successful seller on Amazon is using the right pricing strategies to increase your rankings, conversions and sales. Our marketing agency analyzes many variables when a new product is listed. Our marketing services for Amazon include extensive competitor analysis to find the best price for your product. We perform an Amazon audit where we examine the cost of your product and thoroughly outline Amazon's fees so you have a full understanding of what you're up against. As your Amazon agency, we use this audit to determine whether or not you will be profitable on Amazon before you even spend a dollar. We audit your Amazon campaign with integrity. We fully establish the expectations for your marketing before proceeding with your Amazon campaign so you don't risk wasted spending.

Other Amazon Seller services

Amazon catalogue organisation

If you already have an Amazon catalog set up, we'll evaluate the categories you're in, look at parent-child variations, and make sure they're properly organized and optimized. Variations are sets of products that are related to each other. Quality listings of variation relationships help shoppers compare and select products based on various attributes, such as color or size, from options on a product detail page.

The catalog refers to the brand. When you build a brand on Amazon, a whole catalog of merchandise is displayed for your business. You want to make sure people are led to your brand section when you push a brand on Amazon. We help you run sponsored brand ads as opposed to sponsored product ads.

Amazon Brand Registration

To register a trademark on Amazon, you must have a trademark. As part of our marketing services, we help our clients apply for a trademark and then register an Amazon trademark. Brand registration gives sellers greater control over their Amazon product listings. They also get powerful search tools to help them find content across multiple Amazon stores. Amazon brand registration can take sellers to the next level, in part because it allows you to use Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. Our Amazon branding consultants help clients maximize their Amazon EBC efforts. Amazon EBC, commonly referred to as the A+ tool, allows brand owners to change product descriptions from branded Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). Adding Amazon EBC to product detail pages can help drive traffic, conversion rates and sales.

Amazon Suspension Appeal

A suspended Amazon account can bring your entire business to a halt. If you've received an Amazon suspension notice, we can help. Our experienced Amazon Marketing Services team will guide you through the Amazon suspension process. Our Amazon experts can speak with Amazon account representatives on your behalf, provide the proper documentation, troubleshoot the issue that led to your suspension, and - if necessary - we have legal resources we can bring into play to expedite your Amazon suspension complaint to the next level.

Most importantly, we can help you avoid suspension in the first place by teaching you best practices to keep your business thriving.

Amazon MAP & Pricing Monitoring

Sellers simply don't have the time or resources to monitor and enforce their minimum pricing policy (MPP) on Amazon. Don't worry, we'll keep an eye on it for you. As part of our marketing services, we monitor MPP pricing on Amazon and alert us if a seller is pricing too low for any reason. Our Amazon AMS enforcement team will make sure your brand's MPP prices are respected and enforced.

Our Amazon marketing agency can help sellers with Amazon MPP contracts and negotiations. MPP contracts and/or agreements are essential for people who sell in multiple locations. MPP agreements ensure that your brand is not diluted by anyone. If someone is in violation of an MPP pricing agreement, our Amazon AMS experts can help resolve it.

Amazon SEO

As an Amazon Seller Agency, we get your eCommerce business up and running quickly on Amazon. We guide you step by step, from setting up an Amazon seller to improving your ranking and increasing your conversions. Along the way, we take care of every detail: Amazon account audit, competitor analysis, keyword research and optimized descriptions that are clear and concise.

Amazon Storefront

In 2018, Amazon made it a priority to keep small and medium-sized businesses relevant by launching Amazon Storefronts. Amazon has created a separate section to highlight small businesses. Our Amazon experts are experienced in setting up and designing an eye-catching Amazon Storefront and positioning your products for maximum exposure through Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. We enhance your product detail page with A+ content, including high quality images and EBC design and development to drive sales.