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Email marketing strategies & automations to increase sales from your email list.

Email marketing from Aachen

Full-service email marketing strategy and implementation that consistently and reliably delivers ROI.

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Send your customers the only marketing emails they want to read.

Day after day, your customers are inundated with marketing emails, all vying for their attention. And where do most of them end up? Into the void of the "unread". Or in the wastepaper basket. But it doesn't have to be that way for your business.

When done right, email marketing can bring in an average ROI of 122%, according to an eMarketer study. But "doing it right" is difficult.

Fortunately, you don't need to know the difference between an "ugh, next" email and an "uh - YES" email. Because we do.

Email marketing

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The secret weapon of digital marketing

Email is the secret weapon of digital marketing. While new platforms and formats get most of the attention, this long-standing workhorse quietly delivers impressive engagement, consistently and cost-effectively.

From newsletters that keep customers up to date on your products/services and industry insights, to campaigns for prospects and triggered response messages based on user interactions, email can be a versatile, timely, trackable and highly effective channel.

However, email marketing is not easy. Creating compelling messages requires a combination of art (good copy and design) and science (clever list building, segmentation and testing).

At wfDesign, we have the full range of expertise needed to ensure your email campaigns reach the right audiences and inspire people to take action.

Our specialists can do everything from strategising how email should fit into your integrated marketing approach, building, managing and segmenting email lists, developing structured campaigns, designing mobile-optimised messages, writing engaging copy and testing different approaches.

Our goal is to deliver impressive and measurable results through partnership. We bring our experts together with your team to create smart, innovative campaigns that deliver an exceptional return on your email marketing investment.

How we turn email marketing campaigns into money makers

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1. analysis

Before a contract is signed, we take a look under the bonnet with a detailed analysis of your email marketing software and strategy. You'll get a detailed report on what works, what doesn't and what opportunities we've found for serious growth.

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2. Strategy

Next, we continue to monitor your current email efforts as we cleanse and segment your list.
With this information, we develop an individual strategy to grow your list, increase your sales and achieve your goals.

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3. implementation

Now we roll up our sleeves and really get to work. Your email campaigns are written, designed and launched according to plan.

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4. wait for results and repeat

Watch sales increase as we continue to optimise, test and see how much we can increase your profit.

Soon you will see why they say email marketing has the highest ROI of all channels.

Frequently asked questions about email marketing

Our email audit is a crucial step in our methodology. Our team conducts a comprehensive review of all your previous campaigns and database to gain a deeper understanding of your current email marketing strategy. Specific elements of the assessment include a review of your current design and copy, email marketing tools and the state of your database. Based on these findings, we will develop a solid strategic plan that will increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and grow your business. Whether you're interested in email marketing for small business or for a large corporation, we can help you attract new leads with targeted email strategies.

An email service provider (ESP) is a tool that allows you to automate your email campaigns. Some of the most popular ESPs are MailChimp and Constant Contact. Each ESP has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. The team at Power Digital are aware of this and are happy to help you go through your options. Choosing an ESP is crucial to the success of your email marketing campaigns - don't leave it to chance.

We work with all ESPs. However, as part of our email marketing services, we review your current ESP and make recommendations for changes if we feel there is a better solution. Some of our favourites are MailChimp, Klaviyo, Pardot/Salesforce, HubSpot and Bronto. Each of these solutions is designed for a different use case. MailChimp, for example, is better suited for small to medium-sized businesses, while Pardot is geared towards enterprises.

There was once a time when you had to send emails manually, and unfortunately some marketers still live in that world. But now you don't have to, thanks to email automation! An automated email is any message sent automatically by your ESP, triggered by an action or inaction of a user on your website. For example, you can send an email to a customer who visits your website, fills their shopping cart and starts the checkout process, but does not complete their purchase. The possibilities are endless!

Broadcast or promotional emails are a means of sending a single announcement to many of your subscribers or users. This could be a new product launch, for example, or an occasion such as a Christmas sale. Although these are the emails that most consumers consider rubbish or clutter in their inbox, our team can help you improve the readability of these types of email communications so that your customers start to appreciate them rather than avoid them.

Similar to how it sounds, list cleansing or hygiene refers to maintaining your email list data. This includes making sure that email addresses are still active, that they have the right name and company, and that everyone on your list has not unsubscribed. This is critical to maintaining a positive reputation and providing value to your customers. For example, poor list hygiene could result in an email being sent to a customer with the wrong name in the greeting, making your personalisation a negative rather than a positive.

No, at Power Digital we don't buy email lists. Instead, we always get your customers and prospects to agree to receive your inbound email marketing. This helps your brand maintain a positive reputation. Buying email lists and sending communications to people who don't want them will only damage your brand image and that's something we don't want to perpetuate.

Email marketing reporting and metrics are an important part of continuous improvement for our team and yours. That's why we use the following metrics when we review performance:

  • Opening rates
  • Click rates
  • Deliverability rates
  • Cancellation rates
  • Turnover generated
  • Average order value

Each of these metrics tells us something different about the profitability of your email marketing campaign and can help us make adjustments as needed.