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Enter your website address in the box below and see how SEO friendly it is within minutes. Our free SEO analysis takes no time at all and the best part is that you get the results as an email on your inbox. This will give you the right stool to start optimizing your site for the best possible results.

SEO Audit Tool

What the free SEO audit tool measures:

These are the basic metrics that will help you understand how well your website is performing and what areas you need to pay special attention to.

Free SEO analysis

The free SEO Audit tool is a snapshot of your site's SEO efficiency. Within minutes it generates important information for you that will help you improve your site.

What does it mean for a website to be SEO friendly?

It's not just about publishing quality content (although that's a very important part!). There are all sorts of big and small ways that can prevent your website from being seen by search engines, and therefore users. Our free audit tool starts by examining some of the most important facets of your website that you may not even be aware of.
Have you ever received a warning from Google Chrome not to visit a page? It blocks the page and prevents you from accessing it because of a security issue. We start by making sure your site passes an SSL certificate validity check. This is a whole set of security protocols that should be built into your website's coding or domain. It shows the world that your website is trustworthy!

Google Pagespeed

How fast your website loads is a very important metric for SEO. It is important to remember that high search engine rankings are not just a bunch of tricks. Sites that rank high are those that provide quality content on a platform that loads quickly, is connected both to each other and to other websites, and is overall user-friendly.

The higher your site's usability index, the higher your site will rank. There are many things you can do to improve this, such as shortening URL tags, linking to social media, and having an indexed sitemap.

Content quality

Nowadays it is very common that many websites more or less copy each other. Even if you don't, many websites have pages with a lot of overlapping content. Google essentially has what they call a "duplicate content" penalty. It's not quite as strict as some people think, but what it does do is lower the rankings of websites that copy content from other websites.

Our tool helps you see where you may be suffering from duplicate content and where you have unique content. This can help you redesign these pages so that they are not affected by the duplicate content penalty.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is an SEO metric that indicates how likely your website is to rank in search engines. Our SEO Audit shows your score from 0-100. Backlinks to your website from multiple referring domains are the main contributors to your Domain Authority Score. If the audit tool shows a lower Domain Authority Score, your website probably needs to invest in a more robust off-site SEO strategy.

SEO campaigns like link building are a great way to get more backlinks to your website and improve your website's authority signals for Googlebots. The audit process will also determine if there are any toxic links in your link profile. Removing these links can help improve your domain authority score and your website's performance in search results.

Domain authority is a good indicator of the state of your website in the eyes of Google's crawlers. The best way to improve your site authority is white-hat link building or creating SEO content with links to your site offered to other publishers and webmasters. Link building the right way is one of the fastest ways to improve your SEO rankings.

Organic traffic

Our SEO audit determines your website traffic and how many visitors your website receives through organic search. If your website traffic is low, your website probably doesn't rank for many keywords in Google and therefore doesn't have the necessary impressions to get clicks. You can visit your Google Analytics account to get more details about where your website traffic is coming from.

To improve your organic traffic, on-page SEO optimizations can help Google bots recognize your content as more relevant to users' search queries. Optimized page titles, heading tags, and meta descriptions also show search engine bots that your content is relevant to the target keyword.

The first step to improving your organic traffic is to improve your overall keyword ranking. There are both off-site and on-page SEO strategies to achieve this, and additional data from our website audit tool helps our SEO experts identify the areas of your website that need the most attention to generate more traffic.

Ranking analysis

After we perform an SEO audit for your domain name, our tool shows you for how many keywords your website ranks in Google search. More keywords means more impressions and more potential traffic to your website.

When you have a higher number of pages across your site with different target keywords, there are more reasons for search engine bots to show your content to users. To see SEO success, your web pages must meet content quality standards and be mobile friendly. We can provide actionable recommendations on how to improve the number of keywords your website ranks for, increasing your overall visibility and SEO performance.

We instantly improve your on-page SEO for any web page and boost your website's performance. This useful tool provides you with a list of focus terms that you can add to existing web page content, based on an analysis of every web page that currently ranks in the top two search engine results pages (SERPs).hen and achieve better rankings.

Referring domains

With our detailed SEO audit, you can see how many referring domains your competitors have and where they get their links from. With these insights, you can create an action plan and checklist for how many links you need to acquire to improve your website's ranking. Competitor benchmarking is essential to help your url rank higher and more frequently.

Especially for new websites it is a good idea for your entire SEO strategyto get a head start on link building campaigns. There are easy ways to get links, such as approaching other business owners and asking them to link to your website, or submitting your website to local directories, but the best strategy is to create unique content with links to your web pages that you offer to other webmasters to post on their website.

Whether you're creating blog posts, long articles, or case studies, creating lots of content is key to getting backlinks from more referring domains in your industry. With more referring domains, search engine bots see that your site is trusted by many other publishers on the Internet and reward your url with more search engine rankings.