Glossary (still under construction)

We have compiled a list of terms that we are often asked about. If we have missed something, please drop us a line and we will add it.


Alt Text or Alt Image Text

Alt Image Text is added to images used on web pages and in posts and serves two purposes: 1) for SEO Best practices, alt image text or tags describe the image and its correlation to the page itself and are used by search engine crawlers when ranking pages, and 2) they create context and accessibility for visually impaired people when visiting a website.

Anchor text

Anchor text is the clickable text hyperlink you see on web pages and within posts and articles. It is often underlined in blue, but can be changed to other colours via the HTML code. Best SEO practices dictate that the anchor text must be relevant to the topic to which the link leads and not simply unrelated text.

Application Programming Interface or API

Think of it as an electronic "middle man" - API allows one application to communicate with or extract information from another application or software.



Backlinks (also known as inbound links) are links embedded in the content of a web page that take the user to another web page or website for extended information or further explanation on the topic in question.

Backlink strategy

Google search engine spiders count backlinks as "votes" for a particular page - the more backlinks, the higher Google rates the page's authority. In other words, a page with many backlinks will often rank high in the organic search engine results. As SEO strategy acquiring backlinks can be a very effective way to improve rankings.

Banner ads

Banner ads (also called display ads) are the colourful, visually appealing "billboard" ads that are usually displayed at the top or bottom of a page on websites. They are delivered by ad servers on a cost-per-click basis and are usually relevant to the user's preferences and are the ads that make you wonder, "How did they know I was just looking at that at Amazon look at?"

Boosted Post (Boosted Post)

At Facebook you can "boost" a specific post to a specific audience by spending a small portion of your ad budget to increase your reach to a specific audience. They cost less than a Facebook ad, require no knowledge of Ads Manager and can be very effective.

Bounce Rate

In web traffic analysis, the bounce rate represents the percentage of visits where the user leaves the website without visiting further pages. For Google, users "bouncing" from a website means that the website does not meet their needs, which has a negative impact on the search engine ranking.

Buffer Page

A buffer page is often sent before a requested page and may contain a legal disclaimer or warning, or be a way to add meta tags for SEO purposes.



Marketing campaigns are created to target a network and can be based on ideas or categorisations, depending on the desired end results. They can take the form of emails, targeted ads, banner ads, direct mail, etc.


A consumer-based model for the digital marketing journey, where the customer is guided through the sales process by further enticements and engaging content.

Click Funnel

A consumer-based model for the digital marketing journey, where the customer is guided through the sales process by further enticements and engaging content.


CMS or Content Management System is a software, SAAS or app that creates, manages and delivers digital content, providing indexing, format management, revision control, SEO and full template support. Probably the best known CMS is WordPress.

Content marketing

When you create relevant, insightful content that keeps people coming back - that's content marketing. This can be in the form of blogs, whitepapers, websites, videos, emails, infographics, landing pages or ebooks - just to name a few!


Every time you can get a customer to click on the "Buy" button, you have achieved a conversion. The hard part is getting them to buy again and again!


CPA or Cost Per Action is used in affiliate marketing when a commission is offered when a customer performs a specific action - this can be buying a product, filling out a form or watching a video.


CPC or Cost Per Click is the price you pay for each click in a pay-per-click (Google Adwords) Marketing campaign pay - the price paid to the publisher of the ad, i.e. Google, Facebook, etc.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management encompasses strategies that define how you build and maintain relationships with your customers. CRM solutions focus holistically on your customer's business and end goals to develop a strategy and execution plan.


CTA or Call to Action is included in any good marketing plan to encourage an immediate response or action. Whether a verbal prompt in the form of an advertisement or video, or a CTA button on a web page, a good CTA asks the consumer to act quickly.


CTR or Click Through Rate is a commonly accepted metric that determines the effectiveness of a marketing process, i.e. keywords, ads, local listings, etc. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. In other words: what percentage of the users who saw the ad clicked on it.



For SEO, it is important to participate in as many directories as possible, especially for local listings. It increases your relevance and improves search engine rankings, i.e. Google Business, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing Places and, yes, even Yellow Pages.

Display ads

Digital advertising and brand communication uses banners, videos or other types of display space to present paid online ads.


As one of the few things you truly own online, domains define your business, and choosing a strong domain name is critical to the overall success of the website.

Domain-Authority (Domain-Authority)

As your website builds its content and backlinking strategy, build your domain authority. MOZ's Domain Authority is an industry-recognised ranking of search engine effectiveness and the likelihood of higher rankings, based on a score from 1 to 100.

Drip campaign

A direct marketing technique where you nurture each lead through a series of contacts that take them further along the sales funnel or click funnel. Most often these campaigns use email and text to entice the customer with tailored and personalised messages.

Dwell Time

For SEO purposes, dwell time is the amount of time a visitor can be enticed to stay on a website. For Google, a dwell time of 3.06 minutes is required to positively influence the authority of the page and the search engine ranking.


Email marketing

When you sign up for a newsletter or email subscription, you have agreed to participate in email advertising where you will receive frequent drip email advertising.


ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is used when developing a marketing strategy that focuses on growth and expansion rather than just maintaining a current customer base.

ESP or email service provider offers paid email marketing services, e.g. MailChimp, ConstantContact, Active Campaign, .

As one of the few things you truly own online, domains define your business, and choosing a strong domain name is critical to the overall success of the website.