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Graphic design for print media

Brochures, flyers, advertisements, magazines, business cards, cover letters, infographics and documents: A great many printed products reflect the face of your company - and are crucial to the first impression you make on your potential customers. High quality, consistency and balance are therefore of utmost importance.

From layout to delivery

A printed brochure, flyer or magazine must not only reflect the face of your company, but also convey the information it contains in a way that everyone understands. In addition to pure design services, we therefore also offer proofreading, typesetting and illustration of all online and print media - optionally in German, English or Spanish.

Comprehensive advice included

wfDesign Grafikdesign Aachen provides comprehensive advice on all aspects of print media production, print preparation and matching products to your corporate design - from the initial sketch, through the choice of suitable papers and printing materials, to print monitoring and delivery.

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wfDesign Grafikdesign Aachen offers high-quality, professional graphic design services for everything from business cards to flyers. We can help you convey your message directly to your target audience, create an impressive visual identity, or make your new business cards memorable.

Don't leave your design to chance. Graphic design is more than just putting some paint on paper, it's arranging type and images to create interest, persuade customers and sell products. Our talented graphic designers have created numerous effective marketing communications for businesses and clients throughout Aachen, Germany and nationwide. Everything from your logo and branding to the next run of lookbooks, catalogs, brochures, posters, flyers or cards. Don't leave graphic design to the last minute, leave it to the experts.



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Graphic design services


Graphic design is one of the most important things in building and maintaining a brand. The way you promote your business is crucial to its success. For this reason, innovative and consistent design is very important when it comes to presenting your brand. Your design should reflect the merits of your brand and what it represents. Consistency in your brand image is also very important across all forms of media. When you work with our team, we will create a branding package for you that can be used in all areas of marketing where your brand operates.


Banners can be printed designs or lettering used for advertising and promotional purposes. Effective banner design gives you one of the most effective and easy ways to get the message across, especially for a new business, product or even a promotional event. We can help you design your own banner.

Building cladding

Building wraps are becoming increasingly popular in the modern city. Building wraps have become a widespread phenomenon in contemporary cityscapes around the world. As common as this type of design is, most people don't have the slightest idea what purpose it serves and how exactly it is applied.


Flyers are direct advertising. They are there to convey a message, and the information printed on them must captivate the reader. They are often distributed on the street in busy areas or handed out at doors. This is another consideration that depends on the content of the flyer. We can help you define the content, call to action and design of the flyer.


Pamphlets are among the best methods to promote a particular product, service or cause that you have. With the right pamphlet design, you can actually reach your target audience or customers. Learn how we can help you create effective pamphlet designs.


Creative signage design can quickly increase the brand identity of your business. Signage designs for a business can typically be advertisements for the services and products you offer, the company name, storefront signs, open or close signs, lighting effects, signs in a parking lot, and other interior and exterior signs.


Billboard designs are mostly placed on highways to attract travelers and share important information about the company's product/services or an event. These graphics are designed to catch the viewer's eye within seconds and leave a lasting and pleasant impression. Therefore, billboard graphics are large and attractive, while the accompanying texts are bold and as clear as possible.


We design professional quality posters for virtually any event. Typically, a poster consists of three parts, namely: headline, the main idea of the design of the poster, images that make the poster more interesting and illustrate the condition, situation, people or things, and a message to give information, advice, instructions or warnings to the target audience.


We believe in visual clarity as the cornerstone of catalog design. We use high-resolution images in your catalog and compelling text and formatting to make each page appealing. Proper prioritization of images is essential; this makes your high-value products appear larger than the less valuable products.


Brochures are a great way to communicate your company's unique identity to current and potential customers through the use of striking images and appropriate text. A brochure is a powerful online advertising tool and has tremendous value in impressing your audience. So it's worth investing in a professional graphic design company to get a perfect looking design.


Print design is one of the most important components for the outcome of any printed product. From the design construction of the piece to the printed graphic, this is the first and most important step. Every item you see has been designed in some way. The question is whether that design was the right design for the intended price. This is where our years of experience and knowledge of printing mixed with graphic design skills come into play.


A well-designed logo is more than just a creative mark, it's a brand identity. When choosing a logo for your brand, it is important to evaluate how that creative brand translates into all marketing initiatives. There are several benefits of a good logo. It can illustrate your brand values and brand identity. A well-designed logo can also convey the legitimacy of a professional company.