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Our creative web design services can help you rediscover your company's image online.

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We work with innovative brands to create stunning digital experiences.

Web design Aachen for self-employed

Webdesign Services

The blend of style and technology we offer, combined with our expertise, allows your business to succeed online.

Web design focused on achieving your business goals:

A website is a brand touchpoint, a business tool, and a place where important conversions happen. A good and beautiful website can be an engine of business growth. A bad website can hurt your brand.

But good web design is not easy. Today's audience has high expectations. You have seconds - maybe milliseconds - to convince visitors that your website is worth their time.

Improve the conversion rates of your website!

wfDesign helps clients leverage the digital world and achieve their business goals. In our web design process, we examine performance data, conversion data, content opportunities and conduct user experience studies to make informed decisions.

Our goals for websites:

Our process

Our process is simple: we listen before we create, then we analyse and repeat. We refine because we're never satisfied. We test, refine, and adapt our process to better meet your specific goals, and we work to redefine the digital experience in your industry.

Analysis and strategy

Not only do we listen to your web design needs, we also dive deep into historical performance data and identify what is working and what is not. This is the foundation for our information architecture, content strategy and web design.

Content creation

We don't have to create your website's content ourselves, but we'd love to. There are many benefits to hiring a copywriter to write your website, but to keep this paragraph short and sweet: We offer an outsider's perspective and our copywriters have years of experience writing for websites.

Web Design

Designing websites has been our bread and butter since 2016, and we've been pushing the boundaries of web design ever since. Over the years, we've developed a process that helps us efficiently design websites that capture your audience's attention and engage them in the Conversion funnel lead.

Custom web development

We carefully develop customizable, lightning-fast websites that are easy to update and tailored to the specific needs of each client. We have also implemented more complex projects, such as a marketplace, for example!

After the launch

We continue to work with our clients post-launch on digital marketing efforts, web design changes, development enhancements, or simply keeping their website up to date with the latest browser and security updates.

Your dream. Our mission.

Growth oriented web design

Our web design process is people-driven. We strive to create a "wow" factor while directly addressing the buyer's point of reference. Our goal is to build a Buyer's Journey that generates attention and generates qualified leads.


Then contact us today. We advise 100% free of charge.

How to create a better converting website

Every website is created to achieve different goals - from sales to leads to engagement. But to create a website that actually achieves those goals, it's critical to get it right.

Web design for your users.

Put the needs of the site's users first. If you don't know what the users' needs are, ask them. As a user-centric agency, this principle is the foundation for everything we create.

Web design with a purpose.

A great website is beautiful, fast and functional. Of course, it should look good. But it also needs to be built with a clear view of the key goals and conversion points, and how the site will help users on their way to those goals.

Web design for discoverability.

A website must be designed so that it can be found - and that starts with visibility for search engines. A good website should be technically optimized and built so that there are relevant, engaging landing pages where users land.

Web design Aachen for self-employed

WordPress services

Wordpress web design

WordPress is genius! We love WordPress and if you want to be in control of your website, you will be.
A CMS, or Content Management System, is a tool that allows you to manage the content of your website on your own. WordPress is flexible, highly customisable, super user-friendly and is a great content management system (CMS). You can use it for blogs, small business websites and even e-commerce. We'll bring your website up to date using WordPress! 90% of our web design is based on WordPress.

Themes installation

We install WordPress and any free or premium WordPress theme and make it look like one of the demos.

WordPress SEO

We help WordPress bloggers and website owners to improve the visibility of their website or blog in search engines like Google.


Installing WordPress is easy. Setting up WordPress securely and managing WordPress security on an ongoing basis is not as simple as installing WP.

High quality plugins

We have a wide range of high quality plugins that we will install in your site, of course.

WordPress hosting move

We can securely transfer your entire WordPress website, emails and databases to your new hosting account.

What makes us one of the leading web design agencies in Aachen?

Our web design agency in Aachen, Germany has developed exceptionally effective websites for organizations in a variety of industries. This has enabled our clients to enter new markets, build and strengthen customer relationships, and get the competitive edge they need to succeed. Experienced professionals and proven processes working together strategically deliver the best in web design. Below are some of the steps in our development process.

Website Discovery & Planning

We conduct a detailed inventory of existing website content, analyze technical requirements, and clarify roles and responsibilities. We define marketing goals, target audiences and desired outcomes. Next, we create a functionality document, user profiles, and distribute asset creation among our experts and the client's team. We define the web architecture and site map as we begin design exploration.

Web Design

This phase of the web design project begins with wireframes. A wireframe is a visual representation that shows the approximate location and weighting of text, images, videos, and other required elements on each web page. From here, we put our secret sauce to work and create the actual design layouts.

Coding & Development

Starting from our photoshop designs we develop and code responsive css and html. If you are using a content managemenst system like WordPress, we include the html with an admin and database. Then we fill in the content.

Testing and website launch

We never launch a website until we've thoroughly tested it on all devices and platforms. We make sure layouts are optimized and work properly on smartphones, tablets, and desktops - on Android and iOS, Windows and macOS, all leading browsers, and more. We also set up sophisticated security measures to protect your website, your business, and your customers. Once the final website design is approved, we take care of all the technical challenges of setting up the host and aligning your domain (DNS).

Web design training (if desired)

We develop a document with everything you need to know to update your website quickly and efficiently. We include screen-sharing sessions to ensure your team is familiar and proficient with changes and additions. We also update WordPress, plugins, and more. Contact us anytime by phone or email to ensure your website continues to function perfectly. Web design company near me? If you're in Los Angeles, we can provide in-person training.

Website marketing

We have launched your website, but it still needs to be properly promoted. We integrate analytics and plugins for search engine optimization. We optimize your website, develop internal and external links, and take your online presence to the next level with integrated social media marketing. Share your new web design with a global audience and reach the customers you're looking for, efficiently and effectively, anywhere in the digital universe.