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wfDesign is an advertising agency from Aachen, Germany, that supports companies through high-quality, target-oriented Web Design and online strategies. You have problems, ideas or goals? We deliver digital solutions

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Your website is probably the first thing people will see about your company. Therefore, it is especially important to put a lot of emphasis on a beautiful, modern and responsive web design. We deliver effective, modern and solution-oriented web design from Aachen for more customers, more sales and more orders.

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In 2021, everyone now knows how important search engine optimisation is. 85% of users find new websites via search engines, and if your website is not in the first 10 positions on Google, then probably no one will find it.
We develop realistic SEO-We develop a strategy and implement it, and then later measure our success in detail.

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Google Adwords

Google Ads is usually the fastest way to generate traffic for a completely new site. We believe in delivering quality work to our clients and therefore offer full-service management for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, including design, ROI analysis, management, conversion tracking and optimisation.

Webdesign & SEO in Aachen


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We designed the website for the Aachen-based recording studio Wood and Fire.

Web design Aachen: Habitat Housing

We have designed the website for Habitat Wohnbau newly designed and optimised. The loading time has been improved by a whole 6s.


We developed and maintained the website for Biotulin, a brand with a strong global presence.

For Detektei Reimann from Aachen, we redesigned the existing site and improved the loading time enormously, and accordingly the SEO of the entire site.

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Our websites turn traffic into customers and look damn good doing it. All web designs are of course responsive (i.e. optimised for mobile phones and tablets) and thus optimised for the most important breaking points of all mobile devices. Feel free to take a look at our web design and References The selection of our web design customers extends far beyond the borders of Aachen.

Web design Aachen for companies


Then contact us today. We advise 100% without obligation and free of charge.

Seo Aachen

SEO: Improve Google Ranking.

Know your keywords! And if you don't, let's find them out together. Which term is searched for monthly on Google and how often? What is the intention behind which search term, and how high is the expected turnover? Is it realistic to reach the first Google positions for certain keywords? These questions occupy us daily.

We at wfDesign take care of SEO for you by performing professional search engine optimization for your website.

Process of creating a website

1. Briefing

First we talk about what exactly you expect from your new or refurbished site. This step is very important, because only this way we can get to know each other better and stretch important points.

2. Strategy

After we have clarified the important points and expectations, we develop an individual concept for you.

3. Content

If you wish, we can also create the content of your site for you: Images, text material and co. Texts are written by professional editors.

Procedure of web design Aachen
Web design Aachen for self-employed

4. Webdesign

Your website must not only deliver exciting content, but also look good! And we are especially good at that. We will tinker until you are 100% satisfied with the design!

5. Programming

After your approval of the design, the programming phase begins. Here certain, somewhat more complex functionalities are implemented (online store, pop-ups, etc.)

6. Delivery

Hooray! Your website is now ready!

Frequently asked questions

This question is not easy to answer in a general way. It is like the question of how much a car or a house costs - it always depends on exactly how big the website is and what it should be able to do!

To give you a rough idea: A new website with a simple range of functions and conception is available from € 1,500. We offer discounts for NGOs.

Each website is unique and requires not only a lovely web design, but also strategic research, planning and implementation. All these steps lead to the best results that our clients appreciate so much. To receive a quote for your project, simply fill out our contact form. Our prices are transparent and we break down our services exactly - fair for you, fair for us!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the umbrella term for all the techniques that help the site to be better rated by search engines (mainly Google) and thus end up higher in search results without paying for advertising.

Generally speaking, search engine optimization can be divided into two areas:

  1. Technical part
  2. Editorial part

SEO is now one of the online marketing techniques that you can't live without these days.

This depends on the scope and size of the site. A website designed from scratch will of course take longer than the revision of an existing one. If all required texts and images are available and the technical requirements are met (domain and web hoster), you can assume about 4 weeks for the conception, design and implementation of an average website.

This question can not be answered in a general way, because this is often a matter of taste - or a question of the area of application. We work mainly with WordPress. WordPress is now standard for large and small businesses and has about 64% market share all websites.

After placing the order, we create a first layout draft, which you can view online at your leisure. After that you can tell us your change requests. If you don't like the first design at all, we will create a completely new one. With us, no customer is left unsatisfied - we will create as many layouts as you need until you are satisfied.

We take care of the content, the design and the live switching of your website, but it still belongs only to you! We are only the service provider, not the owner of the site.

Yes, for this we always recommend the content management system WordPress. With it you can quickly make adjustments in the text, pages, menu, images, etc.. We are specialized in the CMS WordPress and create about 95% of our websites with WordPress.

Besides the costs for the web design of your website, there are fees for the web hosting and for the domain registration. The prices vary depending on the performance and storage space of the server, which is then of course transferred to the performance of the website (loading time).


WordPress services

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WordPress Webdesign​

We are specialists in WordPress web design and web development - with a focus on customer satisfaction for businesses in Aachen. Our Wordpres websites are lightning fast, attack proof, protected by backups and SEO optimized.

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Woocommerce Online Shop Development

We develop your online shop with Woocommerce - customised according to your needs. We can then explain to you how you can manage the online shop yourself and integrate the necessary services (DHL Api, e-mail newsletter, etc.).

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WordPress & Woocommerce Hosting

We host your site on our servers in Germany. So your website always runs fast, because the resources belong only to you!

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